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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video Torres Dive Vs Man United 2 Dives in one Game Torres Should have been Sent Off Chelsea 0-1 Man United

I think Torres was trying to win an Oscar today. Torres 2 dives in one game, He should have been sent off. Also Essien should've gone. Torres played well today but he's not a swimmer..he can't DIVE good.

Ancellotti comes on saying they had a Def penalty Evra penalty shout but conveniently ignores the two Torres dives which maybe influenced and changed the game. Also, Ramires/Essien tackles were Red card. Someone to tell torres that a football pitch is not a place to dive. He should try a swimming pool. He was having a swimming contest.

United will keep a swimming pool for Torres to dive into at Old Trafford next week so he doesn't wound himself diving into an 18 yard box.

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