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Saturday, March 26, 2011

10 Free Nokia HD & 3D Games for Symbian | HD Games

Today I will feature not one or two games but 10 of the hottest Symbian HD games that are yet to be featured here at Nokia Symbian Themes. Most of these Symbian HD games are only compatible with Nokia Symbian^3 OS smartphones like the N8, C7, C6, E7 etc but there are quite a few which will also work on Symbian OS 9.4 and Symbian OS 9.5 devices like the N97, X6, 5530, 5800 etc. A very few of  these will even work on Nokia Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2 & 9.3 S60 v3 devices as well. Without wasting any more time let us delve into the astounding world of HD gaming on mobile.

Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD
Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD – Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD is supposed to be the ultimate game for any rock music fans out there (including me) but for me it really isn’t. It comes with some truly amazing graphics that were never seen on any of the previous Guitar Hero games for mobile but overall the game play is not all that fun. There are some amazing tunes in this game and is probably the only awesome part of this game. Even when playing in easy mode I felt that there is just too much to do when the band starts to rock on stage and trying to keep up with the extra points made me not enjoy the songs at all. Still, for anyone who is looking  to play a much bigger version of Guitar Hero / Guitar Rock Tour games, this is the one! This game is only compatible with Nokia Symbian Symbian^3 smartphones.
Block Breaker 2 Deluxe HD Nokia
Block Breaker 2 Deluxe HD – Block Breaker 2 Deluxe HD is a brick breaking puzzle game that is a visual spectacle. With upgraded animations and power ups and an overall enhanced controlling set up, Block Breaker 2 Deluxe can easily get you addicted to it. Intuitive, It is designed in 3D and comes in an ‘endless levels’ mode which you can literally play forever. Block Breaker 2 Deluxe was designed to keep you engaged to it for hours and that is what it does! It will work on Symbian OS 9.4 5th edition and Symbian^3 smartphones of Nokia.
Angry Birds Seasons Nokia
Angry Birds Seasons 3D – One of the most popular popular Symbian game of our times, Angry Birds are back with a new world and a new season consisting of over 40 new levels of pure mayhem. There are two different themes of this cartoon-ish game, one is the Christmas Season and the other is the Halloween Season. Both are fun to play and in total brings two brand new birds into the spotlight. This version also brings the most number of ammunition than any previous version of the game. This game will work with Series 60 5th edition and the new Symbian OS platform 3 (Symbian^3) smartphones.

3d Sky Ace Action game nokia
Sky Ace 3D – Sky Ace 3D by Hankers Yan is a 3D ‘Aero – Fighter’ style action game that offers gaming in a virtual 3D environment. You will play as the pilot of a fighter Jetplane with enemies trailing you on the sky. You will have to out maneuver the enemy planes in a pure dog fight to be exact and shoot them down before they blows you off with their powerful missiles and bullets. This game will work with all 5th edition and Symbian^3 smartphones including N97, N97 Mini, X6, N8, 5800, C7, N8 etc.
Armageddon Squadron Nokia Game
Armageddon Squadron 3D - Armageddon Squadron for Nokia is yet another action game that takes you up on the sky to fight enemy planes all over the war. Additionally, beside playing in a single-player campaign,  you can also play multi-player mode with your friends through bluetooth. Set during years of World War  2, Armageddon squadron is fast paced and is in 3D with power ups for your plane in every stages. You can also carry bombs and there are different planes to choose from. It will only work with Symbian^3 smartphones.

Bubblebash 2 hd Nokia
Bubble Bash 2 HD – Bubble Bash 2 HD for Nokia is a fun and intuitive puzzle game that anyone can play for hours. Lots of animated explosions for different sizes of bubbles that you will create throughout the game. It is a game that will test your nerves more than anything. Set in Africa you will have to get past over 100 levels of gameplay to finish this game successfully. It will work with 5th edition smartphones and with Symbian^3 devices including the N8, C6, C7, E7 etc.

Chess Classics HD for Nokia
Chess Classics HD – Chess Classics HD for Symbian will work with Nokia S60 v5 and Series Symbian^3 smartphones and let me tell you, playing chess was never more fun! From learners to experts, Chess Classics HD satisfies the need for anyone looking to play chess on their mobile. You can play in a multi player mode as well as a single player mode. Just like in reality, Chess Classics allows  you to drag the elements like Horses & Soldiers against the board with the help of the touch interface. With so much resemblance to  real life, this chess simulator is the ultimate chess game for any one who loves playing chess.

T20 Cricket for HD
Cricket T20 Fever - From real life chess to real life Cricket, T20 Cricket Fever for Nokia will test your batting and bowling skills to the limit. On Symbian devices this is by far the best 3D simulation of cricket. You will play the real life t20 matches against opponents you can choose from or you can just play the entire tournament from the start. The rules are exactly the same we have seen in the 20-20 tournament, with 12 players, 11 of them are on the pitch and you can swap another as the game progresses. It’s 20 overs a side with big sixes, cracking boundaries and hot cheerleaders too, T20 Cricket Fever is a welcoming change to the cricket gaming standard for mobile. It will work on Symbian 5th edition and Symbian^3 devices.

Snowboard Super Xtreme 3 HD Nokia
Snowboard Super Xtreme 3 HD – Compatible with S60 3rd edition and 5th edition smartphones Snowboard Super Xtreme 3 HD is an awesome 3D snowboarding game that will test your extreme skills. Basically, it is a ‘tricks’ and ‘moves’ oriented games and it allows you to perform combo moves on the air as you jump from the top of mountains. Sliding down fast over the snow you will have to get past obstacles like trees, big stones and even find your way safely down with an avalanche chasing you on your tail.

Ferrari 2 HD
Ferrari GT 2 Evolution HD – I already featured the standard version of this game on my blog a few days back and today I am presenting you the HD version of the same game. This game will work on Series 60 Symbian^3 smartphones and with any 5th edition devices. This version includes acceleration blur which increases as your overall speed ticks up. The game features many different cars all manufactured  by Ferrari, 10 worldwide tracks, 8 AI racers per track, dynamic reflections & shadows, weather variables and much more.
Please remember to subscribe to the RSS feed before you download these game. Subscription is free and effortless! 5th edition games will work on N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5800, 5530 XpressMusic, N86, N96, E75, E73, X3, 5230 etc and Symbian^3 games will work with N8, C6, C7, E7 etc that carries the N-Gage 3.0 platform.

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