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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sygic Mobile Maps 2010 | Garmin City Navigator 2011

Today I will post about two of the most popular GPS applications for Symbian devices. These featured GPS applications includes the Mapsource and everything else so that you can get the updated maps for all over the world. Today I will feature the updated versions of Sygic Mobile Maps 2010 and Garmin City Navigator 2011. For those of you who visits my blog often may remember that I have already featured both of these GPS apps in the past. Sygic Mobile GPS was featured once and Garmin Mobile GPS XT 5 was actually featured twice before. Why am I posting these new versions in a different post? Because both these updated apps deserve the spotlight again for all their new features and these new versions may or may not work with S60v3. In case it does not (it really should!) you can always go back to the earlier versions.

Sygic Mobile Maps 2010 Nokia
Sygic Mobile Maps 10 – Sygic Mobile Maps 10 (aka 8.22 released by MapMyIndia & 8.16 globally) brings a lot of new features including an upgraded version of the previous fluid UI that we saw on Nokia. The fullscreen mode the GPS route navigation is simply awesome and so is the 3D navigation! They have also added direct navigation to any stored contacts (as long as there is an address specified for a contact) of your phone so that you do not have to waste time when finding your way to your new & old friends. They have also integrated online services such as a live traffic feed, unexpected incident reports, speed traps and a lot more.
The overall touchscreen scrolling in the map mode have also been upgraded and you can easily slide from one point to the other without the need of manual multiple scrolls. The maps for Sygic Mobile Maps 2010 have also been improved to included much more details than any of the Sygic Maps version we have seen. They have also included the automatic screen rotation from portrait to landscape mode which was previously absent in Sygic GPS.
Sygic Nokia Mobile Maps 2010
Sygic Nokia Mobile Maps 2010
Beside everything mentioned above Sygic Mobile Maps 2010 offers multiple voice navigation and comes multilingual by default. You can easily pin point any location and calculate various routes to that location from your position with just two or three clicks. The traffic data is taken from the local authorities and you can be sure that they are being updated by the minute. Sygic GPS can quickly give you instant demos of  the routes along with several alternate results in an automatic, profile based, route calculation that will display multiple routes for the same destination on your screen. All the results will include individual details such as the mode of transport, time frame, traffic level along with the speed and restrictions, ferries etc.
Two of the most awesome features in Sygic GPS 2010 are the ‘Incidents’ option and the ‘Speed Trap’ option. Incident points will display community shared incident points in your routes. Incident points are like bad roads or dangerous turns, high priced tolls and any custom community shared opinions about that place. Speed Traps are similar but even more smart to be honest. Speed Traps are community shared points where speeding your car may lead you earning a ticket in minutes. Both these option not only makes your life easier when taking a decision about multiple routes but it also helps you stay out of trouble. Lastly, it also includes a bunch of extra features such as a beautiful world clock, foreign exchange rate calculator, cam views etc.
For your convenience I have included two different versions of Sygic Mobile Maps 2010. One is the full version which is multilingual and includes the instructions with the guides. It supports all the Nokia/Samsung/SonyEricsson 3rd edition, 5th edition, Maemo, Symbian^3 OS, Android etc devices. The second one is the slim version which will only work with Symbian OS based Symbian 3rd edition & 5th edition smartphones and is only in English with no instructions and stuff. Remember, Sygic GPS maps are provided by Navteq just like that of Garmin.

Garmin City Nav NT 2011
Garmin City Navigator 2011 – Garmin City Navigator 2011 is the latest version of the Garmin GPS family that is available for smartphones made by Nokia. Garmin GPS City Navigator 2011 includes a whole lot of new features like multiple & custom voice guided Navigation, more waypoints and points of interest, faster Rerouting of available destinations and a whole range of new maps including an updated version of the 3D view that works with satellite, terrain and Map view. To view even detailed features of Garmin GPS Mobile XT check out the posts I made about Garmin GPS. Today I will rather talk about the Garmin City Navigator 2011 only. Garmin City Navigator 2011 comes for several regions and I have included important downloads for three regions so far. These regions are North America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand.
Garmin City Navigator 2011 North America – The North America Maps version of Garmin City Navigator GPS includes the complete collection of maps and details for U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Puerto Rico etc. With this GPS navigator for Symbian you will enjoy turn by turn navigation and explore over 6 million points of interest. It includes navigation through any automotive, on foot, on ferries, airline, buses, trains etc. Supports complete zip code support for US and partially for Canada. It also supports live traffic feed and allows you to enjoy turn restrictions on nearly 8 million miles of road. Includes speed categories & roundabout guidance throughout North America. Also covers hotels, airports, fuel stations, shopping malls, cinemas etc and much more.
Garmin City Navigator 2011 Europe – Garmin City Navigator Europe NT  Maps 2011 is the ultimate all in one package for anyone living in western or eastern Europe. From the UK, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and many more. It includes directions through boating and driving as well. Garmin City Navigator Europe employs turn by turn directions and implementation of restrictions throughout Europe. It covers a gigantic landscape and does not miss out a single motorway. Yes! It includes nearly all motorways of Europe, displays both regional and national throughfares, local roads, speed categories etc. The Europe Garmin GPS 2011 maps also have an updated list of fast food shops, restaurants, shopping centers, petrol stations, national/local border details, hospitals and more.
Garmin City Navigator 2010 Australia & New Zealand – Garmin City Navigator 2010 for New Zealand & Australia includes the updated maps version of all the map file that are applicable for Australia & New Zealand. It includes a few thousand points of interest with detailed mapping throughout the region. For Australia it includes a major update for the cities, rail roads, motorways (few of them) for the entire continent. In New Zealand the coverage includes all the national roads throughout the country. Both of these are packed with routes and reroutes for major restaurants, landmarks, petrol station and much more.
Nokia GPS Apps
Nokia GPS Apps
Both these applications will work with Nokia 3rd edition, 5th edition & Symbian^3 devices that has internal GPS built in. Some such devices are – C6, C5, E66, E71, E72, E75, N96, N95, N85, N82, N86, 5800 & 5230 XpressMusic, N900 (Sygic GPS confirmed only), N78, N79, N97, X6 etc.
Please subscribe to the Rss feed before downloading these apps. After you download, thoroughly read the documentation that I have provided for each region (especially for Garmin City Navigator 2011). Also to open .dlc files you will need an open source .dlc software, download information for those software are given in the Read Me files as well. Cheers everyone!

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