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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

80+ Useful SMS & Inbox Mgt. Apps for Symbian

When it comes to managing the number of SMS you receive daily or the number of SMS you may have to send out everyday, we all will probably agree that Nokia haven’t yet implemented any advanced solutions on any of the Symbian devices available in the market. The limited flexibility when it comes to exporting, scheduling or even sorting the Message Inbox is one thing they must really change because many of us will gain a lot of advantages from that.

Presently, Nokia limits the number of fields that can be used to sort your messages – for e.g. – one cannot even sort messages for a specific contact within a specific time frame. The only “built in” way to find a message is either by scrolling one message after the other (which takes an awful amount of time and energy) or by using the default search functionality if your smartphone has it installed from the time of shipping out from the factory.
Today we will fix all that and do much more! We will feature and offer the free downloads of the very best Symbian apps that are primarily based on SMS in one way or the other. Whether you want to preview an incoming SMS or want your smartphone to automatically schedule the sending of a particular SMS to a predefined contact (or contact groups) on a future day or even if your need is to encrypt your Message Inbox entirely – this post should be what you are looking for! I will first feature and list the 11 best SMS apps as the featured SMS apps that I personally feel are the best among all the others that will be listed below them. Let’s already begin with the first 11 shall we?

11 Featured SMS Apps:

SMS Scheduler 2 AIMS Migital Technovations SMS Scheduler: SMS Scheduler 2.0 is a simple and convenient app which can save and send any number of SMS to a contact or a group of contacts at a future date. SMS Scheduler for Symbian can start automatically in the background as a hidden process which ensures that the scheduled SMS is sent even if you have forgotten about it completely. It also lets you review the entire history of sent messages along with their delivery status.
Fingertip Access Ultimate SMS Fingertip Access Ultimate SMS: Ultimate SMS by Fingertip Access is the ultimate SMS Manager for Symbian which offers an all in one solution to all your SMS needs. It can protect all your incoming and outgoing SMS by keeping them password protected. It includes an option to integrate Threaded SMS  and SMS Chat, an automatic forwarding/auto reply function, unread SMS reminder and automatic filtering of all Spam SMS and assign customized tones according to contacts.
Daddys eye nokia IT Systems Daddy’s Eye: Though Daddy’s Eye for Symbian Series 60 is more of a call manager, it is primarily used to Record or log all Outgoing and Incoming SMS (with deliver reports) silently to and from your mobile even when they are deleted from the Inbox or Sent Messages folder. Once activated, it stays hidden in the background processes and because of a very small memory footprint, it never crashes unlike other similar Nokia apps.
MumSMS - Nokia MumCode MumSMS Plus: Beside being a call manager MumSMS is one of the very first dedicated S60 application that offered the automatic SMS hiding capability on Symbian. MumSMS not only hides and password protect any specific (or all) SMS but it can do so without tinkering with the SMS incoming tone. You can also configure any number or profiles and customize to hide (or delete) your SMS messages automatically from rules defined by you through a blacklist or a whitelist.
Killer Mobile Advance SMS Killer Mobile Advance SMS: Advance SMS by Killer Mobile Software is another excellent all in one solution with a lightweight memory signature. It includes SMS spam filters, privacy protection, full screen SMS preview, custom message tones, SMS scheduling and forwarding and much more. It can start automatically in the background process and almost never crashes when you launch multiple apps with it running in the background. Lastly, it also includes a SMS backup function!
DTarasov Mobile Sms Monitor Dtarasov Mobile SMS Monitor: SMS Monitor is a stealth application and a remote SMS monitoring application for Symbian. It can be used as a powerful parental control app which keeps itself hidden at all times from the main S60 menu. It silently monitors, logs and then sends a carbon copy of all the incoming and outgoing SMS (or only SMS from specific contacts can be manually configured)  from the mobile phone where it is installed to your number silently. No delivery reports, drafts or sent messages are stored on the phone it is installed on making it almost invisible to the user.
Adaptxt NokiaKeyPoint Technologies Adaptxt SEE: Adaptxt SEE works much like the built in T9 word suggestions and dictionary built in your Symbian devices. However, this revolutionary Symbian app has its own dictionary and database which is being constantly updated every time you send or receive a SMS, E-mail, Browsers, IM and other documents. For e.g. if you usually write a SMS like this “Hi bro! R u gonna b attndin da party 2nite?” then Adaptxt will suggest “2nite” when you are about to write a new SMS with 2 in its body somewhere. Cool eh? You can also add custom words manually and use it to type different local languages in English! It thinks ahead and adapts fast to your personal writing style. It supports QWERTY Keyboards, regular number pads and the new touchscreen devices.
Mobi Message by Trustmobi TrustMobi Mobi Message: Mobi Message is a multipurpose Symbian freeware which can encrypt or decrypt text messages, filter SMS messages based on blacklisted keywords, can track your phone and protect it from theft, maintain VIP and blacklists, set up multiple options to automatically reply and forward messages and it can even enable threaded SMS views for chat style SMS conversations.
Nuance Talks Premium Nuance Talks Premium: Nuance TALKS Premium is the ultimate voice to text or speech to text converter and text reader. It can convert your words to text when writing a SMS. That means you don’t have to type anything when you are composing a new SMS. Just speak out and Nuance Talks Premium does the rest for you. It can also read out any incoming SMS text messages, emails, MMS and notes.
Wireless Labs Message Mirror
Wireless Labs Message Mirror Standard: Message Mirror Standard version 2.5 allows you to mirror and maintain a hidden database for all your incoming and outgoing messages. This allows you to retrieve both incoming and outgoing SMS messages even when they are deleted from your SMS Inbox or from the Sent Messages folder. You can password protect that database and keep it hidden from the applications menu if you want. Also, you can backup your SMS/MMS/E-mail etc to various formats including .CSV and other formats (e.g. HTML, Email). It can automatically start up when you power on your device and can run in the background without any notification icon – completely stealth man! Lastly, it can also filter the actions to be taken for any SMS (incoming or outgoing) according to whitelists and blacklists provided that you define them.
Wireless Labs Uni Messaging Pro Wireless Labs Uni Messaging Pro: UniMessaging Pro is the ultimate converter for your text messages and it empowers you to convert your SMS text messages to MMS, E-Mail, Text Notes. It is also backwards compatible meaning it can also convert E-Mails to SMS, MMS and so on. UniMessaging Pro can also send messages over Bluetooth, Infrared etc. free. It can convert any SMS to notepad documents and send that document through bluetooth to anyone without incurring any fees from your network provider. This means you can literally chat and send/receive text messages (and files like images, docs, audio etc) with anyone within your bluetooth range free!

75+ Other SMS Related Apps:

ASGA Tech Cards V2: A simple app to compose and send greeting cards and picture SMS for certain special holiday occasions. It includes 3D characters and different set of colorful cards, icons, smileys etc.
AutoSMS: A mobile app that mainly functions to send automatic SMS replies according to the rules defined by you. There are a bunch of pre-defined SMS templates which you can also use in case you want your replies to start immediately after installing the app.
CMI Technologies Black & White: Black & White for Symbian is an automatic Call and SMS Log Cleaner for Symbian which can be customized according to your assigned white/black/baby lists. It cleans any traces of SMS/Call sent and received from the phone.
Code Factory Mobile Speak: Mobile Speak is a screen reader which can read aloud any incoming, outgoing or draft SMS through the loudspeaker of the Symbian device it is installed on. Also, this is absolutely vital for people with visual impairment as it allows them to use their mobile phone without seeing it.
Code Factory Mobile Magnifier: Mobile Magnifier by Code Factory is a content magnification app for Nokia. If you feel that the size of your texts when writing or reading a SMS is small, try this!
Active SMS Lock: Active SMS Lock for Symbian is a very light app which helps you to protect your SMS messages with a password of your choice.
EHandySoft CoolSMS Plus: Cool SMSPlus for S60 is the ultimate solution for sending any sort of free Blinking SMS, Service SMS, Personalized signatured SMS or Flash SMS to a single user or a bulk of contacts simultaneously.
Dtarasov SMS Monitor Lite: This is the lite version of the Dtarasov SMS Monitor and it includes all the basic functions of the actual app. However, the lite version doesn’t let you customize rules for specific contacts (which the full version does), thus all incoming and outgoing SMSs are sent automatically to the phone of your choice.
Dr. Jukka Fake Messages: Fake Messages for Symbian lets you compose, schedule & send fake SMS Messages to yourself automatically from within the device and without incurring any SMS charges from the operator.
Dr. Jukka Flash SMS Scheduler: Flash SMS Scheduler 2 is a flexible SMS scheduling app which can be configured to send SMS messages periodically or once. It also supports sending 0 Class (Zero Class) SMS messages which is sent immediately and only saves itself when the receiving user explicitly saves it clicking the options. If they do not save the message while viewing the incoming SMS for the first time – the Zero Class SMS simply deletes itself and all its traces from the Inbox.
Free iSMS: iSMS is a lightweight mobile app that lets you view all your Inbox and SMS messages in a cloud format (the same way that you may have seen on the iPhone). It includes configuring a thead style auto reply function, a fake messages sending option among many other. To fool your friends you can easily insert any fake messages in the SMS view and the GUI itself is quite nice!
FunSMS: FunSMS is a mobile chat software based on SMS and not just that. If the recipient and the sender both have FunSMS installed on their devices then both of them can exchange 3D Smileys and emoticons, any web based content, animated colorful graphics and even audio clips. It can also control the backlight and sound of the user you are sending it to. The cost per SMS is that of a single regular SMS regardless of the awesome stuff that you are able to send within that SMS.
GoHome: Want to let your friends know when you will be arriving at his place? Or do you simply want to let someone know how much longer it will take you to reach a location? Then try GoHome for Symbian which operates by calculating the expected time to reach a destination from the place you are in. GoHome does this with the help of your GPS (internal and external). It calculates the time and can send the information embedded within a SMS to a number of your choice. You can also configure the content of the SMS if you want.
IQ Mobile Jokes Marathon: If you are the master comedian among all your friends and frequently send them jokes over the SMS then this app is for you. Mobile Jokes Marathon stores over thousands of awesome high rated jokes on your mobile phone which you can send instantly to your friends through SMS. No internet connection is needed so everything is free except the SMS charge from your mobile operator.
Enpronomics Solution SOS Tracker: SOS Tracker is a GPS tracker that can automatically send a SMS with your GPS location (and anything else you like) in it to a number of your choice. It has a panic button, a simple settings page and an optional feature to send non-emergency SMS. A simple long press sends the SMS which can also be changed if you want to and it also works with the phone’s keypad being locked.
KALASms 2: KALA Sms version 2 lets you send low cost bulk SMS to multiple recipients, groups or users with detailed delivery reports and SMS history straight from your phone.
Kavyasoft SMSMerge: SMS Merge for S60 is a SMS and e-mail management Symbian app which enables you to merge long mails, SMS, contact lists etc. into a SMS template. This comes handy if you are to send a single template based SMS to multiple recipients at the same time with each users individual name in the SMS field.
LOKSms: LOK Sms is a small automated SMS backup and Inbox cleaning application. LOK Sms simply backs up all your received and sent SMS in .txt format along with all the SMS data and details like time and sender of the received SMS. Additionally it can automatically delete all incoming SMS once they are backed up.
Mind Warrior MobeCode: MobeCode lets you set a password to your SMS (or emails) which is great for safekeeping a secret SMS from one user to the other. After you set a password and send the SMS to someone, the password remains intact for the user receiving the SMS. He or she has to know the password and enter it to view the protected SMS.
MoBaoBei FlashSMS 2: FlashSMS 2 is a hands free customizable text editor which can also send blinking Flash SMS to another user from your mobile without incurring any extra cost than that of a single regular SMS.
Mobile Effort Message in Time: Message in Time for Symbian is another alternative to schedule the sending of a future SMS. You can configure it easily and send SMS to multiple or single recipients and select whether to repeat this in the future or only once. Planning your work or sending a daily report to your boss just got easier mate!
MobiFun Soft Remind Me: A popular app to ensure that you do not forget to read, compose or send a SMS in the future and you can customize the number of times it will alert you. Remind Me also supports reminding you about many other events like emails, MMS, calendar events etc.
MobiMonster 2.0 SMSTimer: SMSTimer 3 for Nokia is an advanced SMS Scheduler and it supports 1600 characters per SMS. SMS Timer integrates itself with the built in Nokia messaging center and takes over a SMS from therein. It includes all the basic scheduling features of SMS Scheduler 2.0 that I mentioned above.
MobiSophy Phone Alone: Phone Alone for S60 3rd edition and 5th edition phone can turn your mobile phone into an answering machine. However, why I have listed it here is because of its amazing remote control abilities through a SMS. Phone Alone lets you retrieve remote contacts from a lost phone through a SMS from any other number. For protection, you must know and set a secret code which you must include in the first SMS that you send to the remote/lost phone. After verification it automatically sends all the matching contacts or simply the entire contacts through SMS silently from that phone to the one you specify. You can control almost everything in the lost phone through SMS commands!
MobiSys Spam Manager: This is a freeware utility to prevent receiving unwanted Spam and advertisement SMS from any number of known or unknown user. It can additionally prevent the same SMS rejection facilities for voice calls.
MobiSystems QuickWrite: Quickwrite is another awesome T9 enhancement and text writing application. Just like Adaptxt, QuickWrite for Symbian supports multi-languages and it also includes adaptive and preferred word suggestions (the one you use more frequently will pop up on top of the other related words). It too has a low memory usage level (like Adaptxt) and you can insert, edit and delete words easily. Quickwrite supports word suggestions while you writing or forwarding a SMS or e-mail, while you are browsing the web, editing a mp3 tag, editing documents, calendars, phone books etc.
Mobivation Private SMS: Private SMS is another SMS Spam Manager and SMS filtering app. It can securely filter any SMS from a list of 5 number/words that you have to define. The action taken depends on what you want. You can either delete those SMS or password protect them automatically so that no one else can view the SMS in the inbox. It can also move that SMS to a custom folder of your choice and thus hide it permanently from the list of SMS within your messaging inbox.
MoMate: MoMate is yet another SMS Encrypting application and SMS Spam Manager. You can maintain a friend list, block spam SMS, encrypt SMS with a password and even encrypt private pictures from the gallery or in a MMS.
SMS Diary: SMS Diary by Olamelen software scans all the SMS from your messaging Inbox and creates a diary out of them. It is a simple app which can act as a SMS backup software if you want it to. The format of the diary is in HTML and it is saved in the memory card.
PBC Mobile MonIncMT: A SMS bill tracking software which tracks your monthly free outgoing SMS messages and free minutes and displays that with detailed statistics. MonIncMT also works independently and resets itself after the monthly billing date of your phone. This way you can be sure that your operator is charging you what it advertises to charge per SMS or Voice Call.
Light Signal Plus: LightSignalPlus by Phone Phreak Software is mainly a 5th edition based Symbian app which notifies you with three light blinks in case there is a missed call or incoming SMS that you didn’t notice. On 5800, 5530 and Nokia N97 this app saves you the time of tapping the screen to see if there is a SMS/Call that you missed. It also automatically deactivates itself to save battery when you are using an app or playing a game in full screen mode.
SmartLight: Smartlight is another alternative to Light Signal Plus but it is basically designed to keep the lights on when viewing pictures in the gallery. However, you can also use Smartlight to keep the back-light on when you are writing a SMS or reading a long one.
PhoneBak: PhoneBak by Bak2u is a simple yet extremely powerful anti-theft application which can help you to find your lost or stolen phone with the aid of a simple SMS even when the thief changes the SIM card. You have to set up an external number when you install this application and it will always operate in the background. When a SIM card is changed it will automatically send a SMS to the number you specified. That SMS will include the new number of the SIM Card, the IMEI Number of the phone, the IMSI number (SIM Card) and the physical location of the thief including his Area Code, Country and Cell ID (BTS). That’s not all, after sending the SMS to your number PhoneBak then switches the mobile phone to the stand by mode with password protection and if you send a SMS with a specific code to your stolen phone then it will automatically perform a Hard Reset on the stolen phone!
Phone Ghost: Phone Ghost for Symbian is a Python based application to easily backup your SMS, MMS, Messaging Contents, Contacts and many other popular 3rd party apps (like Quickoffice, Smartmovie, Garmin XT, Kaspersky etc.)
Handy Phoneguard: This is a powerful S60 application which can password protect almost everything in your phone including all the items of your messaging Inbox.
ProSMS: ProSMS is one of the most advanced SMS encryption symbian application. It supports AES 256 and SHA 256 bit encryption which even restricts your network operator to read or view the SMS content in their systems. The person at the receiving end of the SMS must know the exact SMS protection password that you have set to unlock, save or view the SMS on any device.
Psiloc XSync: XSync is designed to automatically Sync and Archive your SMS/MMS content and then e-mail the archive or backup to your E-Mail Inbox. You can set  the frequency of the Sync and Back-up emails. It can also back up, sync and email you on a per SMS basis as well. In other words, with XSync you can treat your SMS Inbox as a regular POP or IMAP like account.
Psiloc Font Magnifier: Psiloc Font Magnifier is a font magnification symbian app for 3rd edition and 5th edition smartphones and touchscreen devices. Font magnifier can be used to magnify the text of your SMS and MMS when you are reading or composing one.
PySMS: PySMS is a Python based open source app which can be used as a server on the client side. In other words you can use this app to send bulk SMS. This lightweight application has a built in pySMSFlooder or SMS flooder (I do not recommend flooding!) option with which you can mess with your friends by sending loads of SMS! PySMS for Symbian S60 also supports inserting special “Symbols and Characters” into an ordinary SMS.
QuietSMS: Quiet SMS is a SMS filtering application which ensures that you receive certain SMS from a group of contacts or a single specified contact silently without any audio or “1 New Message” notification. It can also delete logs of sent and received SMS automatically if you want it to. You can even configure to password protect your inbox, hide the application icon from tasklist and be notified of incoming SMS from listed contacts with a quiet beep.
Rock Your Mobile MessageTones: Message Tones lets you customize the incoming SMS tone of your phone for a single contact, contact groups, contact types and even by incoming message type. It even lets you assign a specific tone for a contact even when he/she is listed in a group (or list) for which you have already assigned a particular incoming message tone. Rock Your Mobile has been officially closed down so this application will not be updated in the future, however, the existing version works with all 3rd edition and 5th edition smartphones.
RSeven Mobile: RSeven is an online backup and synchronization app for Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone. For Symbian devices it lets you automatically sync all your incoming and outgoing SMS automatically every time they arrive.
S60 Ticker: S60 Ticker by Stoeger is a freeware that lets you display the SMS from your Inbox as a ticker on the home screen. You can configure the amount of time it will be displayed for.
Trustmobi SecEMS: SecEMS is another Symbian freeware that lets you effectively deal with Spam SMS and filter them accordingly the rules you define in its list. It also can encrypt and decrypt SMS messages with a password. Lastly, it even allows you to send Flash or beeping SMS to contacts of your choice, integrate threaded chat style SMS and do a lot more.
ShakeSMS: ShakeSMS is an application to better control your incoming SMS with the help of the built in accelerometer functions of Nokia. Simply shake your device to different directions to perform different actions on an incoming unread SMS. You can even delete a SMS without unlocking your keypad!
SkyeQuiKey: SkyQuiKey by SkyeStream is an essential mobile search application which is more like an All in One Tool for Symbian. It offers you Predictive Text suggestions, lets you configure smart shortcuts like composing text messages from anywhere and displaying list of recent contacts when composing a new blank SMS.
SkyeStream SkyeText: SkyeText is dedicated to better utilization of SMS messages with the help of visual graphical smileys. Both the sending and receiving end must have SkyeStream installed on their handsets to display the smileys. Those who doesn’t will display the regular built in smileys of their respective phone.
SmartGuard: SmartGuard 3 lets you hide, password protect and retrieve messages along with images, audio and other files without much fuss!
SMS Accelerator: SMS Accelerator is more of a patch for Symbian 3rd edition and a few 5th edition devices to speed up the sending of SMS text messages from the device it is installed on.
SMS Backup: A Freeware for Symbian 3rd edition smartphones which lets you back up your SMS messages and contacts according to your specified time period.
Sms Chat: Symbianwave SMS Chat enables all the required visual set up to display your SMS messages in a chat like interface. Just like iSms it mimics the cloud style or threaded style message replies, providing you with auto reply options, text quoting options and a quick reply function. It also enhances your phone with custom emoticons, copy and paste functions and built in customizable skins.
SmsER: SmsER is a simple application that functions as a bulk SMS sender. After you finish writing a SMS all you have to do is list all the contact details on a single text file and browse to that file from the SmsER interface. SmsER will automatically extract the information it needs from the text file and work its magic.
SMS Preview: A simple freeware which automatically displays the preview of any incoming SMS on the home page of your device even when your keypad is locked.
Smartphoneware Best Private Conversation: Private Conversation is a dedicated application to hide and clean SMS traces from the inbox and logs. Just like Black & White mentioned above, Private Conversation starts up automatically and does all the hiding and cleaning in the background. Additionally you can password protect this app and any SMS, schedule the time this app will run every day etc.
Best Spam Killer: Once installed, Best Spam Killer by Smartphoneware acts like a SMS Firewall protecting you from all sorts of unwanted or Spam-like incoming and outgoing SMS. It operates the Firewall through a filtering list of words, numbers, country codes, name and more.
Symbian Guru Cute Keys: Want to speak out someone’s name to send a SMS directly? If yes then this app is what you are looking for. It allows you to assign shortcuts to perform different actions which includes reading, writing and deleting SMS messages.
Psiloc Blue Text: The simplest yet most powerful SMS from PC software for S60. With the Desktop and Mobile version of Psiloc Blue Text installed on your end you will able to send text messages straight from your desktop with the aid of your mobile connectivity.
Magic Message Manager: Magic Message Manager Pro by Symbian Wave allows you to sort and filter SMS at your will. This also enables you to password protect your SMS, filter spam SMS, cleaning and back up of SMS, fix smileys and lots more.
Touch Balance: Touch Balance is specifically designed for 5th edition or S60 v5 smartphones. It is the perfect solution to automatically inquire about you remaining prepaid or post-paid balance after you send a SMS or MMS.
TrustMobi MobiDog: MobiDog is a remote SIM card and smartphone protection software. With a single SMS you can delete all the contents of your S60 devices in case of theft. However, MobiDog also allows you to periodically backup your SMS messages and mail them automatically on your desired email address or memory card, thus acting as a phone back up software.
Best Full Screen Caller: Full Screen Caller by Smartphoneware lets you display full screen images of the incoming caller or SMS sender. If you want to display full screen images for all incoming SMS messages on your phone then Best Full Screen Caller is the app for you.
VLingo: VLingo for Symbian is a Voice to Text Converter or Translator which allows you speak your words rather than physically writing it on a SMS. This voice to text converter can write down anything you say on a  SMS, MMS or email and even supports carrying out external 3rd party application functions with voice commands.
Webgate SMS Spam Manager: As the name suggests, Webgate SMS Spam Manager is a standalone application to filter and block SMS that are spams. Various types of list filters, word lists, number sequence can be assigned as its filtering rule.
SMS Zipper: SMS Zipper is a SMS compression application that can encrypt and compress any number SMS messages. The compression ratio is nearly 1:4 and the maximum number of characters that are supported to be sent as one single SMS is 460 compared to the traditional 160 characters. It requires the receiving user to have it installed on their devices to decrypt or decompress.
TekTronic Hidden Contacts: Even though its primary feature is to hide and protect specific contacts in your phonebook, Tektronic Hidden Contacts can be used for many other purposes. One of those features is important and relevant to this post because Tektronic Hidden Contacts can lock (password protect) your Entire Messaging menu or anything specific like the Inbox or Outbox. It can also safeguard you by cleaning the sent messages log and automatically hiding specific SMS messages. It has another feature called Direct SMS through which you can send a SMS to a hidden contact and it will not be logged by the outbox or sent folder.
Nuance Speech2Go: Another fine freeware for Symbian specifically designed to read out your incoming and outgoing SMS messages. Speech2Go is only a reader and unlike Nuance Talks Premium, it cannot convert your words to text when writing a SMS.
VoiceSignal Voice Mode: VoiceMode is yet another speech to text reader and writer. It can convert your spoken words and write out whatever you say when composing a SMS text message or E-mail. It is easy to configure and supports both the US and UK English. The UK English is recommended for users whose primary language is not English.
Tektronic SRL Advanced Phone Lock: SRL Advanced phone lock can lock any SMS with a password. It can additionally lock the keypad, any installed application, your entire messaging Inbox/Outbox, contacts, images, notes, folders and almost anything else on your phone.
Wireless Labs Message Mirror Lite: This is a freeware which lets you mirror incoming text messages (much like Dtarasov Mobile SMS Monitor)  so that you can retrieve them later even if you deleted them from the inbox. The Lite version also lets you back your SMS to a text file easily. You will have to trigger the application manually as the lite version restricts you to automatically power itself up in the background.
Wireless Labs SMS2Email: SMS2EMail makes life easier by sending all incoming messages to a particular e-mail address. Almost all the major e-mail providers including Gmail, Yahoo and Exchange Server based e-mail addresses are supported.
Wireless Labs SMS2Web: SMS2Web version 2 is the upgraded version of SMS2Email and beside letting  you send any incoming SMS to any number of email addresses automatically, it also lets you upload SMS to websites through FTP or HTTP. It also allows any site to integrate the owner’s personal SMS gateway from where the visitors can contact him/her. Not all countries are supported yet so that’s a bummer!
Wireless Labs Message One: Message One is a bulk SMS sender. The free version allows you to send 5 SMS at once while the full version allows you to send any number of SMS to any number of listed/unlisted phone-book contacts.
Wireless Labs Unimessaging Lite: UniMessaging Lite version is the slim version of the actual UniMessaging Pro. It is somewhat limited in terms of conversion and only allows you to convert SMS to MMS and Email.
Wireless Labs SMS Forwarder: SMS Forwarder Pro acts much like any ordinary call diverting service. However, what actually is so cool about this app is that instead of forwarding voice calls to a desired number or voice mailbox, SMS Forwarder forwards the SMS to a desired mobile number or Messaging Inbox.
Wireless Labs SMS Responser: SMS Responser works like an answering machine for not only voice calls but also for SMS messages. It can automatically reply to any incoming  SMS when you are in a meeting. The reply can be customized accordingly by you so that it is both personal yet effective. It can also send automatic responder SMS messages for any incoming voice calls during the time of its running.
Zensis SMS Lock: SMS Lock by Zensis can easily password protect your SMS messages by locking your entire Inbox, Sent Messages Folder, Drafts etc. It can also password protect a single SMS instead of locking the entire Inbox.
Zensis Animated SMS: Animated SMS or A-SMS is yet another SMS animation app which can send and receive animated Smileys, Full Screen Animated Images etc.
Zensis Avatar SMS: This application allows you to create and share personalized avatars for your incoming and outgoing SMS. Both the parties must have this app installed for the SMS avatars to work properly. Additionally you can also insert your created avatars within your SMS messages and MSN Profile. The cost of such SMS messages are that of an ordinary application.
Zidian Studio SMS One: SMSOne by Zidian Studio is yet another simple application that enables Flash SMS sending and receiving capability on your Symbian devices.

All these SMS applications are compatible with Nokia N-Series smartphones like N97, N96, N95 8gb, N95, N92, N82, N81, N86, N85, N80, N79, N78, N77, N76, N75, N73, N71, N97 Mini, N93, N91. They are also compatible with Nokia E Series phones including E50, E51, E66, E71, E70, the awesome E72, E75, E90, E66, E65, E62, E63, E60, E61, E52. Some of them are only made for touchscreen devices like 5530 XpressMusic, 5800, X6, X3, N97 etc. Series 60 smartphones like 6290, 6120, 3250 should be able to run most of these apps as well. Some of these SMS apps are signed while most of them are unsigned and depending on your model and firmware, you may or may not need to sign them before installation.
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