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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Avatar | SPB Brain Evolution | Brain Challenge | Crazy Taxi 3D | Chuck Norris – 5 a Day

Today we will start  an exclusive new series of posts which is truly unique and special to our adored visitors at Chaos Inc. This series is called as “5 a Day” and it will always include 5 different games, themes or applications that we have not yet reviewed. Hopefully with this new series we will bring to you only the new and underrated stuff that we feel deserves your attention. What’s more? We will also offer you the chance to download them free!
Today’s 5 a Day post is about games and these are some of the hottest and most addictive games that you will come across at recent times for your Symbian 3rd edition and 5th edition devices and none of these games are yet featured here at Nokia Symbian Themes. Some of these games were released months back while some of them were only introduced last week.

There is an entire mixture of games that we are featuring here in this special post (and first post too!) and I am confidant that any Nokia Symbian games fan will find all of them a real gem in their own special way. Without any further delay let’s begin with this series stuff then shall we?
James Cameron’s Avatar (Official Game): First up in our list is the newly released Nokia game known as James Cameron’s Avatar or just (the Avatar) which is also the official game of the newly released film Avatar directed by the acclaimed director James Cameron. In this movie based, small screen adapted mobile game you will play as the savior of the lost Planet Pandora.
In Avatar you will play as the human hybrid Na’vi who is also considered to be the last hope for the planet’s existence and is originally an actual human who is called Jake Sully. Your mind thinks and adheres any situation or subject through the mind of a human but your body is literally all blue because of being a hybrid of the Pandora’s beings!! You will have to lead the way as a hero who with his newly found magical powers must lead the planet’s last stand to its very existence.
Avatar for Nokia Symbian
Avatar for Nokia Symbian
Download James Cameron’s Avatar:

SPB Brain Evolution: SPB Brain Evolution by the SPB Software group is certainly the most extensive puzzle based game available in the Nokia app or Symbian games market. It weighs quite a bit in terms of size (with a whooping 4.2 MB) but it is worth the size. The game is truly a masterpiece and designed in such a way that any regular or irregular mobile gamer will love it wholeheartedly. It brings with it 10 built in mini games including a full featured game on Sudoku (Sudoku rocks!), Minesweeper, Numbers, Encyclopedia, Ball Trackers etc.You can test your arithmetic skills and gradually increase your ability to remember things, guaranteed!
All the mini games require you to unlock certain points or reach a certain points limit after which you can move into its next level. The game will not only help you to pass your time up in total fun but it will also help you to enhance your general knowledge significantly. For anyone who thinks that playing mobile games is a waste of time and resources, well I have only one thing to say: Just shut it and try this game!
SPB Brain Evolution for Nokia
SPB Brain Evolution for Nokia
Download SPB Brain Evolution for Nokia:

Brain Challenge 3 – Think Again: Titled as “Thing Again” it is the 3rd sequel of the puzzle game saga Brain Challenge. This game is another of those brainiac’s delight that they can’t get enough off. The more you have, the more you play and the more you like well defines what Brain Challenge’s 3rd sequel has proven. This version of Brain Challenge for Nokia offers some great exercises that will help you to test and develop your knowledge. Brain Challenge 3 is focused to relieve stress in an easy way which is quite effective.
It includes a new type of  well designed visual training courses which will help you to test your vision and analytical skill of the eye. There are also some new tests for math, logic, focus and so on. This Nokia game is a must have for any puzzle game lovers for sure.
Brain Challenge 3 Think Again.
Brain Challenge 3 Think Again.
Download Brain Challenge 3 – Think Again:

Crazy Taxi 3D – Fare Wars: This is an action packed 3D mobile game which involves you driving a taxi from hell! If you have seen the French movie Taxi then you already know what this game is about. In Crazy Taxi 3D Fare Wars you will have the choice to decide and drive from 4 different taxi drivers and a whole lots of new cars. All the cars and drivers are unique in every way and brings some special advantages over the other. Your missions in this 3D Nokia mobile game are to pick up people in need of a quick ride within a specified period of time. The game has 2 different modes of driving which are the arcade mode and the time limit mode. Previously, Crazy Taxi 3D Fare Wars was only available for SEGA, but it has been expanded to support all Symbian OS and Java devices.
All the tracks that you have to drive on are custom built within the game and almost all of them offers shortcuts which will help you to meet the time frame criteria that your customers require you to deliver. If you perform stunts and drifts during the ride then your customers rewards you with a handy amount of extra tips. The overall racing tracks of Crazy Taxi 3D for Nokia 3rd edition and 5th edition touchscreen smartphones and the surrounding environment is in 3d, also the entire tracks and neighborhoods are huge which makes this game a 5 star joy ride all the way.
Crazy Taxi 3D Nokia
Crazy Taxi 3D Nokia
Download Crazy Taxi 3D – Fare Wars:

Chuck Norris – Bring on the Pain: The last but not the least of the 5 Games a day series starter post is called Chuck Norris – Bring on the Pain. Almost everyone knows about Chuck Norris, the famous fighter and the man of action. You will star as Chuck Norris in this action packed Nokia game and you will also have to eliminate your enemies while saving some prisoner of wars from their deadly grip in Cambodia. Your primary weapon is yourself and your martial art skills but don’t be fooled by this. Chuck Norris – Bring on the Pain for Nokia 3rd edition and 5th edition Symbian OS also features heavy weaponry which you will have to use when the time comes.
This is the ultimate episode of the Chuck Norris sega where all your enemies unite as one to destroy you, both the Russians and the Chinese that is. If they can defeat you then make no mistake – America is doomed (Yeah right!!). Vintage old school dialogs, some phenomenal flying kicks, fast motorcycles and lots of guns makes  this game a hit in its genre and is a must have number of any new action gamer looking for fun!
Chuck Norris Bring on the Pain Nokia game
Chuck Norris Bring on the Pain Nokia game
Download Chuck Norris – Bring on the Pain:

All the games are compatible with all Nokia smartphones and regular mobile phones. All the versions are compressed into a simple zip file which contains all the different versions. Nokia N-Series, E-Series and X Series smartphones and touchscreen PDA devices are supported which includes Nokia N97, N96, N95 8gb, N95, N92, N82, N81, N86, N85, N80, N79, N78, N77, N76, N75, N73, N71, E50, E51, E66, E71, E70, E72, E75, E90, E66, E65, E62, E63, E60, 5800i, E61, E52, 6121, 6120, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800, N97 Mini, N93, N91, 6290, 6700, X6 and X3.

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