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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Video Lampard Goal Vs Wales A Penalty kick in the 7th minute England 2 - 0 Wales

Eng 2 - 0 Wales(Lampard,Bent) Playing 433 is allowing us to press high up the pitch + give wales no time to get playing. England are so far dominating Wales thanks to a Lampard penalty and A Darren Bent strike. Wales look shaky.

Young goes over very easy and Lampard slots his penalty past Hennessey- England are ahead. Lampard converts penalty for England after Collins fouls Young.1-0 to England after six minutes. Perfect start for England. Lampard scores the penalty after James Collins fouls Ashley Young. Wales protest but they can't really argue. 0-1.

szólj hozzá: Wales 0-1 England

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