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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Educate Children Playing in the orderliness

TOY scattered, scattered books, not to mention the mess of dirty clothes go everywhere, just this morning mana.rasanya you clean the baby's room, out of this room as the ship was back breaking.

If you are tired of being a 'mom cleaner', it is now time to act to discipline baby so that he became more organized. The benefits must be obtained if you apply the discipline of children since their youth. The first one, you no longer need to clean the tired-tired of the broken ship. Second, it also trains the child to be more mentally responsible for their every action, that is make sure they know that if courage to dare to dismantle the cleaning too.

All you need to know before discipline is that children learn from what they see more than what they hear. So, if you want a room or even the whole house is always maintained cleanliness and neatness, then give an example, training, and setting real for them.


This is very important to educate children to be mentally more organized and tidy. Also, is not going to make it easier if you also want to look for specific items when it is needed?! If possible, ask for help your child to label the boxes or storage closet. For example this box for the book, only to toys, and others.


If you do not want your house filled with toys, then you should apply this one principle. Fortunately, if your house has many rooms so the children have their own playroom, but if not, then give a special space for them to be able to play freely. However, remind them not to violate these boundaries. In other words, point out that you do not want to see no cars on the kitchen table.


In addition to the scope, the child must also have an hour to play. They should not be allowed to play all the time. You should allow them to play after they finish each existing responsibilities, such as doing homework done and other homework. Thus the play clock can be used as rewards for children. Choose educational toys for children growing up better.


It is very encouraging that if kids see their work enough to display in one corner of his house. However, not all their works will be fit for display. So, when the end of the school year arrived, then sit down and discuss with them the works which will be displayed, recorded, and discarded.

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