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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Negative access via the Internet

Other negative influences, is opening access to children's negative Internet use. Able to access the Internet really is a good start for developing insights into a child. Unfortunately, children are also threatened by the number of bad information that flooded the Internet.

Through the Internet the sex-laden material, violence, and others sold openly and without hindrance. A study showed that one in 12 children in Canada often receive messages that contain sexual content, sex bids, as was surfing the internet.

However, the Internet for teaching children, today is an important thing. It's just that, in order to prevent negative impacts, there are some things parents should do.

First, the parent who should introduce the internet on children, not someone else. Introduce Internet is also introducing the benefits and intended use of the Internet. Therefore, parents must first be 'literate' and do not stutter media technology.

''Unfortunately, children often are too sophisticated, while the parents do not know anything. Do not know how to open the internet, also did not know anything about games that kids like to play. Later when there is a result of bad, new parents regret,''

Second, use software specifically designed to protect the 'health' of children. For example, lock programs that parents can protect children by locking all access to the smells of sex and violence.
Third, put computers in public spaces homes, such as a library, family room, and not in the child's room. Placing the computer in the child's room, would make a parent in terms of supervision. Children can freely access a porn site or use the smelly games and sadistic violence in the locked room. When the computer was in the family room, his freedom to violate the rules would be limited because there are family members passing by.

Prevent addiction

Another negative influence for children, is the trend of a 'addicted' kids on the computer. Computer game addiction is suspected to trigger the child to be lazy to write, draw or even social activities.

Computer game addiction can occur mainly because since the beginning of a parent does not make the rules to play the computer. Should be, parents need to make a deal with the child about the computer play time. For example, children can play with the computer after school after finishing homework for an hour. Time can be given more lenient on holidays.
This timing should be done so that children do not think that playing the computer is the only interesting activities for children. These settings need to be considered closely by the parents, at least until the 12-year-old child. At the age of bigger, children are expected to be better able to manage time well.

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