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Saturday, March 26, 2011

LCG Jukebox | Avis TouchBalance | Uninstall King | JBak Taskman

Happy New Year everyone! My most sincere new year wishes to each and everyone of you who are my frequent visitors of our blog and to everyone of you who are visiting my blog for the very first time. Everyone is important and all your visits does matter to me significantly. Without your support and feedback this blog would never make it past the 4 years mark. Today I will feature 4 useful applications for Nokia that will surely help you to start 2011 with a bang! LCG Jukebox, JBak Taskman, LCG X-Plore, Avis Touchbalance and Uninstall King are what we are going to feature today. These Nokia apps will certainly make a difference the way you use your smartphones!

LCG Jukebox 2.7 Nokia
LCG Jukebox – Lonely Cat Games JukeBox 2.70 is one of the most advanced music player that includes almost all the features anyone can ever hope for. With amazing enhanced stereo playback LCG Jukebox supports all the common digital music file extensions including MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG etc. This new version of LCG Jukebox also includes a free SHOUTCAST internet radio built in that comes with a huge internet radio stations repository for you to choose from. LCG Jukebox 2.7 also comes with a custom 100 level amplified Loudness controller that you can control with the click of a button. There is also a 10 Band equalizer with 10 default genre based presets built in. You can also edit and create new settings if you want to and add them to this selection of equalizer presets. LCG Jukebox also features an audio books bookmarker, a random song selector and supports creating/saving custom playlists. It can display individual Album Arts & Song Lyrics in different sizes and also comes with an awesome internet Lyrics & Album Art Finder that can help you import, tag & save your missing album arts and Song Lyrics on a per track basis straight from your Nokia phone. It even features a sleep timer, a widget style homescreen track notifier, custom skins & much more.
Nokia AVIS Touch Balance
Avis Touchbalance – Avis Touchbalance is a simple yet very useful application for all smartphones from the 3rd edition, 5th edition and the latest Symbian^3 series. Avis Touchbalance automatically queries your GSM mobile operator and displays the remaining credit balance of your account on your homescreen like a typical homescreen widget. For obvious reasons it only works if your SIM card is registered as a prepaid subscriber. It can automatically display your remaining prepaid balance after you make or receive a call, send or receive a SMS or MMS and after your disconnect from an active WAP/GPRS/3G internet connection. Not just that it can also show your prepaid balance after you send or receive an E-Mail. You can even configure the length of time the credit will be displayed for or can display it as a pop up screen.
Uninstall King Nokia
Uninstall King – Uninstall King is an utility application that can be used as a powerful replacement for your built in Nokia application manager. Unlike the pre-built ‘appman’ Uninstall King can display all the hidden applications that are installed on your phone and gives you the power to remove them. This is particularly useful when you want to delete a buggy application which is hidden in the application manager but is actually installed on your phone. Uninstall King also includes sorting install applications/games/themes my size, name, date of installation and more. You can mark a number of installed applications and remove them in batch simultaneous mode just like the Batch Uninstaller App. Unlike Batch Uninstaller, Uninstall King can also categorize installed applications by type such as Widgets, Themes, Games, general applications, system applications etc. This means you will never make the mistake of deleting important firmware apps which may make your device useless if removed.
JBak Taskman Nokia
JBak TaskmanJBak Taskman 1.41 & JBak 1.40 are both included in this download. Both of these supports Nokia S60 v3 & S60 v5 smartphones. JBak Taskman is one of the most important utility applications out there that any Symbian smartphone owner should have already installed on their smartphones. The latest version JBak Taskman 1.41 includes bulk replacement of task lists, a Windows 7 like customizable Start button to store quick links to shortcuts/apps, detailed list of running processes/applications, graceful termination of background and foreground processes/tasks, detailed display of memory/phone/hardware, an one click quick application uninstaller, phone memory optimizer, a smooth task switcher etc. Additionally you can reboot the smartphone gracefully straight from the JBak Taskman interface and auto launch tasks or applications from the Taskman interface.
Here is Bonus app :
SBSH PocketLock Express
SBSH Pocket Lock Express – Pocket Lock Express by SBSH is a small yet very useful Nokia Symbian 5th edition freeware that automatically locks your keypad/touchscreen interface when you keep the phone inside your pocket or bag and also unlocks it automatically when you take the phone out of your pocket/bag. This eliminates the risk of making accidental calls and sending blank SMS to your contacts when you carry the phone in your pockets.
All these applications except Pocket Lock Express are compatible with Nokia 3rd edition & 5th edition smartphones (S60v3 & S60v5, both N Series & E Series) including Nokia N81, N82, N91, N95, N95 8gb, N96, N97, N92, N93, N80, N79, N78, N77, N76, N75, N73, N85, N86, 6120, E51, E50, E60, E61, E62, E63, E65, E66, E71, E72, E73, E90, 5800 XpressMusic, 5530, 5700 etc. Avis Touch Balance will also work with N8, E7, C6, C7 and any other Symbian^3 smartphones from other vendors.
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LCG Jukebox, SBSH Pocket Lock, JBak Taskman, Avis TouchBalance & Uninstall King

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