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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ebook 40 Money Management Tips Every College Freshman Should Know

Here you are, starting college. Now, no one is telling you
when to go to class, when to study, when to eat your fruits
and veggies. And, no one is telling you when and how to
spend your money. Now it’s up to you.
The financial decisions you make during college might
involve a few bucks or thousands of dollars. You’re taking
your first steps toward financial independence, and it’s not
always easy to know what the best choices are.
That’s why ScholarShop and the National Endowment for
Financial Education® (NEFE®) have teamed up to offer you
this book. Think of it as your crash course in money management.
The goal? To help you learn how to take control of
your money instead of letting your money take control of
you. When you start controlling your money, you’ll know
that you are really ready to be on your own.
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